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3500 Colonnade Parkway, Suite 350, Birmingham, Alabama 35243

Overview of the Firm

Founded in 1990, Smith, Spires, Peddy, Hamilton & Coleman, P.C.. has enjoyed steady success, growing from six to sixteen attorneys over the past 25 years. Our law firm is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and serves a wide range of clients and corporate interests across the Southeast. We litigate throughout the states of Alabama and Mississippi in all state and federal courts.

Client Service

At Smith, Spires, Peddy, Hamilton & Coleman, we know that each client is unique and has specific legal needs. Smith, Spires, Peddy, Hamilton & Coleman is committed to providing our clients with superior client service and legal counsel. We strive to provide prompt, professional interaction and responses to ensure that value is rendered for each client. We adhere to this practice on an individual basis and as a team so that clients receive effective and outstanding service every time.


Our firm’s clients know they can count on Smith, Spires, Peddy, Hamilton & Coleman as their legal partner. We aid clients in navigating legal issues that may range from simple to complex in nature. We are proactive and constantly seek out new solutions that allow us to offer enhanced client service. Clients can count on us to provide our attorneys and legal staff with up-to-date technologies to facilitate communication between attorneys and clients, conduct legal research and provide effective case management.